John Crawford Walmart Shooting

Walmart Shooting

Murder at Walmart

We have all heard the news regarding the Walmart shooting in which John Crawford, an African American man was walking around the store with a pellet gun that he retrieved from the store shelves. A customer called in to the police and reported that there was a man waving a gun in Walmart. The SWAT team responded in  military gear and confronted the suspect with the alleged deadly weapon. Police report that they demanded the suspect put down the weapon, and he refused…and you know the rest.

Recent News in Walmart Murder

In recent headlines, and after the video was released to the family and their attorney, there is a different story being told. According to surveillance, the “suspect”, John Crawford, was actually leaning on the pellet gun like a cane while he was on his cell phone when confronted by SWAT. Before the “suspect” could turn around and state that the toy/pellet gun wasn’t real, he was gunned down in Walmart. This information was described by the family’s attorney, but the video has not been released to the public. Draw your own conclusions, I could care less.


Open Carry in Walmart…With No Murder!

Not long before this incident, there were 2nd Amendment activists taking part in their right to “open-carry” in Walmart. We have all seen the pictures of the idiots carrying around military weapons to purchase milk. Law enforcement was not notified of this event, and if they did, the SWAT team surely stayed at the precinct sipping hot coffee and eating day old donuts. There were also individuals participating in “open-carry” in restaurants, maybe the cook would ensure their meal was extra hot. The difference in these events, these were white men who were not harassed by the police not once. In contrast, you have an individual who grabbed a toy/pellet gun off the shelves in a store, and instead of considering “open-carry”, the cops only saw an African American male’s backside, a pellet gun, and a cell phone.

Walmart Shooting
Yes really has to protect himself from that Target basket. Wouldn’t want it to roll over his toes.
I hope there are enough sponges to go around.
I hope there are enough sponges to go around.
This is just not necessary but it is their right...not John Crawford's.
This is just not necessary but it is their right…not John Crawford’s.

Covering the Bases: Black on Black Crime

African Americans are faced with adversity in certain communities in which Black and Brown people are taking each other’s lives daily. The communities are blanketed with criminal and drug activity that imprisons residents whose economic strife prevents mobilization. This is presented in this article as there is always that one person who states, “what about black on black crime?” There is a definite problem in communities where young men and women are not aware of the opportunities afforded others and turn to drugs and violence. This is a known problem, so thank you for the reminder in advance. This still does not justify the murder of this individual who basically was armed with a toy in Walmart.

Crazy Racist Lady

“You God Damn Son of A Ni**er Loving Atheist B#tch”

With all the racial tension in the US, this crazy and obviously drunk bitch was caught showing her ass. LMAO!

“I’m gonna god damn kill you”

Yall, this is some hilarious shit! Officially the circus act of the decade.

Grandma’s Pet Tits

As Beyonce says, "Goddamn, Goddamn"
As Beyonce says, “Goddamn, Goddamn”


“Goddamn, Goddamn”

Americans can always agree on one thing and it usually involves tits and dogs, they are loved unconditionally; however, there is a such thing as crossing the line. I for one appreciate all types of art, but ain’t this bout a b#tch? In Florida, people are getting prison time for sagging their pants, but this…whoever she is…is photographed and sent on her way. With this much saggage (made up word) her ass should have been locked away permanently.

Don’t be shy about expressing your disgust. I am still in shock that someone would offend pets around the world with sagging bullets hanging at her waist. Officially the circus act of the day! Damn!

It’s okay to stay your azz home!

Its okay to stay your azz home

Girl, its okay to stay your azz home!

There are just some occasions that calls for you to stay your azz home. If you have an anklet monitor while awaiting trial, maybe its just not your time to party! Raise your hand if you would have opted out of clubbing because of your pending criminal case? LMAO

Officially the circus act of the day!

Fox News Reporter Vows to Fck Missing Girl When Found

Fox News Reporter Vows to Fuck Missing Girl When Found

Really, Fox News!!

“Yeah, I’d fck her, I’d fck her right in the pussy!”

There are just no words to explain the disgust that I felt when I saw this video. Apparently, a Fox News reporter thought the camera was off and decided to say the most disgusting things you can say regarding a victim, or anyone for that matter. I know that we all say things when we think no one is listening, but to say that you would fck a missing person when found, that just reveals how much of a monster you really are.

Women, watch out for this charmer!!! Our circus act of the day and future serial rapist!!