Nicki Minaj Bounces Ellen Degeneres Rump in Anaconda

You gotta love Ellen. Twirk that azz Ellen. Twirk!
 Twirk that azz Ellen. Twirk!

Nicki Minaj Bounces Ellen Degeneres Rump in Anaconda Video

My Facebook friends are so awesome! They are always posting the silliest photos and videos that I use here in my personal circus. If you haven’t seen Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video, check it out in a few posts below.  Those of you who have seen it know that this point in the video is when Nicki is slapping a dancer on her extremely voluptuous ass. That look on Ellen’s face is priceless.

Ellen’s Ass Pads

Ellen, of course being her genuinely funny self, photo shopped herself in this part of the video and it made me choke on my 5 hour energy shot. Y’all, can you imagine Ellen twerking her ass? Not in a million years. But here she is in all of her glory with the booty shorts, and maybe some ass pads tucked in there.

You Just Got To Love Ellen

Although I have no time to tune into her talk show, I love how she highlights the talents of normal people who would have never been asked to be on television. There are just so many great people in the United States and she recognizes that not all are able to have such a nation wide platform. What I have learned from Ellen’s personality is the fact that she can laugh and have fun at our circus acts, and make us smile when our days may not be going as great as we want them to. Go Ellen!

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Confuses

“He Can Tell I Ain’t Missing No Meals”

The release of Nicki Minaj’s official video for “Anaconda” has compiled 28 million views since being released…two days ago.  Now for all you guys who visit regularly, I am always talking shit about Miley Cyrus with her no-ass-at-all ass. I complain about her touching her crotch and all, but I didn’t know how to feel about Nicki’s video.

Offended or inspired?

Nicki’s video is a group ass-twerking phenomenon among men, and an inspiration for women with flat asses. However, would you want your daughter to watch some mess like this? I know I wouldn’t! But here is the thing, I like the video. It has given me inspiration to do those painful squats every night before bed. Can you be inspired and offended at the same time?

What is this b#tch secret?

What man you know will complain about all the gyrating asses in this video? The video reaction clips on Youtube will have you in tears. My question has always been, how in the hell did she get her ass like that? I can’t be the only straight female who wants to know. What the hell is her secret?

What are your thoughts?

Nicki Minaj “Baby Got Back”



Recently, Miley got us all roweled up about her masturbating and molesting Abraham Lincoln with her genitalia, but what are your thoughts about Nicki Minaj and the art for her next single, Anaconda?

I was offended by Miley showing off her nasty azz twat during her concert, but I’m not too offended by this photo.

This may sound a little biased, but let me explain…

The female body can be viewed as a work of art (not Miley, she looks just nasty). The little waist and huge azz is a symbol of health and beauty in the Black community, especially in the south. I have been trying to get my shape like this since I was a teenager. So far I have failed on all accounts, but seems like Nicki is doing just fine in that department.

Don’t laugh at my next comment but, I think it’s a positive step forward for young women to see that you can still be beautiful with a humongous azz. What are your thoughts? lol


Let me first start off by saying that I have tried twerking it for the hubby with no success. I hope there is a class on YouTube I can take to improve my technique (lmao); but just know that ish stays where it should, in the bedroom. However, I’m not throwing any shaderade your way. There is nothing wrong with your grown azz twerking on YouTube because you have the right to make a donkey of yourself. Personally, many people who are showing their jelly beans and pop cycles have some deep self-esteem issues that have never been resolved. Whatever you do in your free time is your business, and obviously all of YouTube.

The twerking phenom has been stripped and repackaged, this is just the 2013 version. People have been shaking their azzez since the beginning of time. Anyway, I could care less about millions of grown people bouncing their azzez on garbage containers, what isn’t appropriate is uploading a video of your child twerking it in some cut off shorts and a tank top. Parents be aware that there are child predators trolling the internet just looking for children to watch for their pleasure, and you are providing them with all the footage they need.

I know I sound real snooty right now and yall think I have my panties all in a bunch, but I have empathy and have tried Visualization and walked through a situation in which my child started twerking:

 I’m chilling over my cousin’s house and we watching the new Busta Rhymes video featuring Nicki Minaj. I guess the children heard the video “Twerk it” in the other room and decided to watch. I was uneasy because the video is nothing a child should watch, especially a little girl. There are gyrating women every where shaking every 3 inches of their 30 inches of azz. DANG. The kids started dancing, jumping around looking crazy, just messing around at first, then my little cousin decides she would dance like Nicki Minaj. At this point during my visualization I ignored her because my mental daughter Chloe, continued to do the awkward kid dances at first. Oh, but not before long, that little heffa started twerking and showing all these variations of twerking. I felt the anger rising and a wave of heat washed over me. I was seeing red. I continued my mental role play to get the full gist of what I would do if someone tried to video my baby. The drama continued when my little cousin wanted to do a split and twerk the floor while her mother recorded it with her iPhone. At that point in my role play, I snatched up my child and got the hell up out of there. You ain’t putting my child on the internet twerking no damn floor.

Ok, so after that experiment I knew that no parent in their right mind would feel comfortable about their child being posted online doing something that may be considered sexual in nature. If we analyze the twerking phenom for how it is defined, it is the representation of yourself as a sexual being and having a great time, and listening to banging music. That is appropriate for grown women, but not little girls or teenagers who should be worrying about school and participating in extracurricular activities. I’ve seen YouTube videos in which the mother is twerking on the side of her daughter, basically sending a message that this type of behavior is normal.