What did you learn about the Rachel Dolezal Scandal?


Iggy Azalea Not So Fancy

Iggy Azalea is not so fancy after falling her ass off the damn stage at a pre-VMA event. We have seen all the big stars fall. Beyonce fell down about twenty steps during one of her concerts, so maybe its time for the fancy star to earn her stripes.

I only posted this video after finding out that home-chick was ok; then I allowed myself to laugh hysterically! I know y’all probably thinking I’m wrong, but Iggy isn’t the only fool who has taken a fall.

One day I was browsing the aisles of Office Depot and I found something that I liked. I bent down to grab the item, but I lost my footing and grabbed the shelf, which caused the entire shelf to fall forward on top of me. There I was lying on the floor with a damn shelf holding me in place. I yelled for help for about ten minutes before anyone came to rescue me. So, I feel entitled to laugh at people making fools of themselves.