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We think of addiction and we automatically reference methamphetamine or cocaine. In this case, the television series, Scandal, has not only drawn our attention, it has manifested into an addiction that draws in television watchers from multiple demographics in the United States. Have you noticed the arousal that spreads on your Facebook.  We…yes me as well, are closely following Scandal’s Facebook page to interpret what will happen on each episode. Are you referring Thursday nights as Scandal nights, and have your alcoholic beverage ready until Scandal graces your wide screen television? There is a population of women and men who were torn to pieces after the season finale. I almost died thinking about the long hiatus we have to endure until fall. This is just not fair. These actors and actresses don’t need a break. We are suffering an addiction that will resort to watching season’s one and two on Amazon until we are graced with the suspense of our Scandal.

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Psychological Warfare and Hostile Working Environments

Psychological Warfare and Hostile Working EnvironmentsHave you ever worked with hard core co-workers who were hell bent on making your life a living hell? Well I have had the dishonor of experiencing a hostile work environment for the first time since relocating to California. I have always had great supervisors until working at this particular agency.

Psychological Warfare

I recently resigned after two years of  hell on earth. It was the epitome of psychological warfare. As a professional woman, I have never been subjected to such unprofessional idiots since I began my career in social services. The strategic planning of firing disliked employees was ridiculously childish, and the absence of compassion was deafening. Every single day I wanted to claw at their wretched eyes with dirty fingernails, but instead I did what I was told like a good little disgruntled employee. Let me introduce you to the cast of hell-on-earth:

The CEO:

A scarecrow looking as$ btch who thought it was a great idea to refer to social workers as btches during a staff meeting. I know you’re thinking, “scarecrow, really?” Well let me add this into the mix; the president looks like a raggedy Ann doll who repeatedly burnt the ends of her hair from falling asleep smoking. She looks more like an alcoholic than a president of a company.

The Boss:

A narcissistic btch who has absolutely no facial expressions and has to announce when she is excited. She is a compulsive liar, a sinister, yet brilliant strategist, and will lie repeatedly to benefit whatever bull shyt cause she is supporting. Charlie Brown looking btch!

The Idiot

This person is quit similar to the compulsive liar above, but she isn’t smart enough to be a strategist. I can describe her in two words: utterly imbecilic. In contrast to Charlie Brown, she has one specific mood that often makes her co-workers want to leap off the nearest cliff. She can only appear and act depressed. Where is the happiness? How can someone be such a btch and work in the social services industry? I’m pretty sure families that she serve are so tired of sadness and bitterness; they may also join her co-works over a cliff.

The Bitter Ex-employee

In conclusion, no matter how angry I feel toward the idiots at my previous workplace, revenge is something I have thought about, and  would never fulfill… I am too much of a lady. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about getting revenge. In the end, this rant means nothing, because it all leads back to the children. The scare crow looking as$ president was right about that, it is about maintaining the safety of children.

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Hostile Working Environments: A Survival Guide


Hating the Job

Psychology is a heterogeneous discipline that permeates all aspects of our social and professional lives. Recently, I researched the branches of psychology and was pleasantly surprised to find Occupational Health Psychology. If you have ever analyzed the dynamics of your work environment, I assume you have noticed the social and psychological components involved in this minute, yet substantive subculture. Work environments are encompassed with a myriad of characteristics such as politics, positions of power, personality traits, and mental health issues that could literally drive you crazy.

I have worked with some seriously unstable persons in positions of power who demonstrate innumerable flaws in their personality and social capabilities, ultimately affecting the stability of the work place. Everyday we nervously anticipate the arrival of the human resource director and company executive, also known as the Grim Reapers, to lay off another social worker, picking us off like flies or cattle, or however you want to phrase it. Their arrival dissipates any hope of career longevity. As the Grim Reapers malevolently dismantle a burgeoning group of peers, we are invariably plagued with anxiety and in some cases, depression.  As we are symbolically gutted like fish, another person (who I frequently refer to as the Narcissistic Troll), snidely smiles, rejoicing that her sinister, yet brilliantly executed strategy of closing an entire office of dedicated social workers has succeeded… excerpt from e-book



Want to know where I took this picture? Right in front of a HIGH SCHOOL!

Who Your Daddy

I have never seen such a horrific sight in my life. And the car was parked right in front as if it belonged to one of the teachers. I think I will be calling in a complaint. This is ridiculous!

Although adolescents are exposed to much worse on television, and while playing video games, it is extremely inappropriate to include such vulgarity to an educational atmosphere.

I am not naive to the fact that there are adolescents who have children, but I don’t think exposing them to a vehicle that says “who’s your daddy” on campus promotes academic prosperity. WTH?

Hostile working environments and wicked social workers

Have you ever worked in an environment of hostility and uncertainty? It is typical to at least have one experience that questions your decision to pursue a career in your particular field. In the field of social work, the private sector can be a systemic mud slide of politics and job insecurity. Furthermore,  the demographics of these private sector agencies are significantly incorporated into the longevity of a social worker’s career.
In the social parameters of demographics, there has always been an unofficial conception conveying the differences between people in opposite hemispheres of the country. The people in southern states are said to have a “southern hospitality”, eluding to the idea of a softer yet passionate people who, in essence, have a higher tolerance for the ambiguities of the human experience. Theoretically, compassion has maintained a historical quality embedded in the social culture of the southern states.
Although the existence of social complexities are rampant within southern working environments, the primary and significant attribute of a collective orientation is normative among employers and employees alike. Without completely alienating northern, mid-western, and eastern subcultures, it is necessary to mention that human beings are systematically compassionate individuals who genuinely care for their cohorts…(excerpt from ebook).