In My Opinion…life is a damn circus!

Let’s think about what a circus is and what it stands for. We think the circus is about flamboyant clowns, the glimmering costumes of the acrobats, and the not-so-subtle stink of horse and elephant sh*t. The crowd of onlookers are amazed and clap with glee as the circus acts defy all odds and normalcy. Well, attending a circus is much like reading this blog. Instead of being captivated by circus acts from an event, lets look in awe at the circus acts in everyday life.

Our Favorite Circus Acts

Twerk MileyMiley Cyrus: has set herself apart from the crowd by acting an utter and complete mess. As the world watched, the twerking sensation teased her audience with abnormal gyrations, and with flat assage in tow. Miley’s annoying antics has labeled her the epitome of a circus act.

Politicians: have stepped into the realm of Miley Cyrus’s antics as they take on clown-like dispositions in order to fool their constituents. Their tricks are mind-blowing, persuading people to vote against their own interests in order to maintain conservative ideals. Their ability to  cause female voters to rally against contraception while the market is flooded with penile pills for erectile dysfunction is mind boggling.

Circus Acts We Know Personally

It’s easy to identify the circus acts in the media, but what about those you know personally? There are some occasions in which my behavior was not so normal. Maybe I’m a circus act as well.

Some of my personal circus acts in life are:

  • The idiot neighbor who allows his pet to shit in the parking area instead of on the grass.
  • The coworker who is unable to hold his farts until he reaches the bathroom.

This blog is all about a mom having a good laugh at life. All opinions are encouraged and accepted here. Let’s have some fun!

47 thoughts on “About”

    1. I loosely meant that my life is full of psychology. I was going to put “facing the psychology of my life” but I got tired of changing it and didn’t feel like doing more with it. lol I’m a doctorate psych student and in some of my earlier posts, before I became burned out and exhausted with psychology, I used to address the certain aspects of psychology in my life. Now, a year to go and hundreds of psych papers completed, I hate psychology and couldn’t run faster from it. I’m so tired of it. But yeah, in a nut shell, thats whats going on with that. The whole truth and nothing but… lol


      1. Oh, a PhD in psychology. no wonder you’re sick of it. I started grad school for experimental psychology 43 years ago. Luckily I was kicked out after one term. I was already disillusioned by the senselessness of the research. I wound up getting a degree in social work and I’ve had a wonderful career. Never burned out. Still doing it. Perhaps I burned out and nobody told me. Hey, good luck.


      2. Thank you!! I did Social Work for six years right out of college but I was meant for something else. I loved it when I was single, no kid or responsibilities. I had the time to put in extra work. Now that I’m married with a baby, social work and the PhD program almost drove me insane. I kind of fell into social work, instead of choosing it. I was unemployed and the state was hiring so I decided to be a social worker. It was cool at first. But I relocated to California and was hired by a foster care agency. I worked their for two years and absolutely hated that place and got fed up with social work. I knew it was time to do what I knew was my calling, becoming a psychologist. I still love psychology, but I just want at least a two week break from it. lol I want to take a nap just thinking about it.


  1. Hi TL- Thank you for following my photography blog. I hope you’re inspired. What a great blog– you have a lot going on. I am really enjoying your posts and seeing what’s in your head.


  2. Thanks for the follow! Love what I’ve read on your blog so far so I’m returning the favor. I’m a psych nerd too but I haven’t started grad school for it yet. Reading about some of your burnout struggles is a good reminder that it can wait a few years.


  3. Good Monday Morning to you! Thank you for the follow! A fun little circus you have going on here, indeed. I’ll be visiting for change of perspective 🙂


  4. Alright! Now you must be thinking am stalking you! 😛 The thing is just wanted to drop by this time to thank for following my blog GravityGate.wordpress.com!We are aalready connected on G+ & need I say I liked your writing 🙂 Keep up the circus acts!


  5. Thanks so much for following my blog, I always appreciate a new welcome….please visit whenever you can, and in the mood 🙂 and btw, your blog is alluring…I will be back for more 🙂 Have a sweet day!


  6. Ni hao Southern Gal!
    I am chuffed as all get out that a young hip thing like you would decide to follow my blog about life in China. Mind you, when I look in the mirror I always get a shock because the face I see doesn’t match how I feel, which is much as you are! I shall enjoy browsing through your past blog posts. Hope you have a good week.
    Zai jian! Herschelian.


  7. Hi I nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award. You should have received a ping for the post I wrote but let me know if you did not! I love a writer who is as opinionated as I am!!!


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