Obama is destroying the country…one tan suit at a time

Yesterday, Obama had the audacity to put this nation’s security at risk when he decided to where a  tan suit at his press conference. Ronald Reagan would have never in his right mind offended the public is such a fashion. Now the Russians and China have raised their terror alerts waiting for an ISIS retaliation because of the president’s choice in wardrobe.

Who started this bull? GOP Rep. Peter King was outraged at the President’s presentation and stated that enemies around the world will never take the US seriously with such a horrendous choice in fashion. He called the President inarticulate and claimed that he doesn’t care about international relations…because he wore his Easter suit.

Actually, most sane people could care less about what Obama wears during a press conference. As long as he doesn’t have on a “wife beater”, sagging pants, and a huge gold chain draped around his neck, I could care less what he wears.

Author: Opinionated Mommy

Opinionated Mommy has a lot of sassy conjecture about the drama that surrounds us all. She dwells on topics that range from celebrity news, entertainment, parenting, politics, and personal experiences that drives the drama of our lives. Life is a damn circus and we are the circus acts!

12 thoughts on “Obama is destroying the country…one tan suit at a time”

  1. Mrs. Obama must away and he had to pick out his suit on his own. I feel so bad for President Obama. Every time I see him he looks older, grayer, and gaunter. I hope he gets out of the White House before it kills him.


  2. I was horrified by the announcement “Obama Has No Plan for Syria” – couldn’t we keep that quiet whilst we plan? Then I scrolled down to see the horrification over the color of the suit? They have all lost their minds. I would never have noticed the color of the suit with all the atrocities in the Middle East and Europe to upstage it. With all that is happening you attack a choice of clothing? How can we take Peter King seriously? Forget his suit, his comments make him look like an opportunist vying for Joan River’s job on the red carpet instead of a leader who will help us mitigate global strife.


  3. The president needs to wear a suit like Bernie Mac used to wear. Why not, you know? Some of those suits are nice (as long as they’re not sea foam green or something like that). I’m not even joking! But if he did that, I’m sure some people would lose their minds over it. *shrug* I’ll keep hoping.


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