Crazy Racist Lady

“You God Damn Son of A Ni**er Loving Atheist B#tch”

With all the racial tension in the US, this crazy and obviously drunk bitch was caught showing her ass. LMAO!

“I’m gonna god damn kill you”

Yall, this is some hilarious shit! Officially the circus act of the decade.

Author: Opinionated Mommy

Opinionated Mommy has a lot of sassy conjecture about the drama that surrounds us all. She dwells on topics that range from celebrity news, entertainment, parenting, politics, and personal experiences that drives the drama of our lives. Life is a damn circus and we are the circus acts!

15 thoughts on “Crazy Racist Lady”

      1. i think he wanted her to go off just to post her acting a loon on youtube. He got on the good foot when she tried to run his ass down with her car. He should have peeped that something was wrong with this woman. He should have stayed in his car until the police arrived. But you have to admit, this is the ultimate comedy relief. lmao.


      2. If you watch carefully, you can see that she is actually very scared, most of that is adrenalin fuelled bluster.. Under those circumstances, a weapon would be a very nasty thing to add to the mix.


  1. I don’t believe everything I see I YouTube anymore. Why you would you pullover & stop your car on a highway for something so simple as cutting someone off by accident? I wouldn’t. Opps sorry. Keep going. He seemed to be just making it worse. Poor crazy woman she’s gonna have a sore throat later.


  2. If ever there was an argument for forced sterilization. The problem when you are that batshit crazy is there is always a good chance you’ll meet someone even crazier. I love that no matter how calm he reacted she just got crazier and crazier but not so crazy as to prevent her from asking about which mambers of his family were alive so she could kill them.


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