It’s okay to stay your azz home!

Its okay to stay your azz home

Girl, its okay to stay your azz home!

There are just some occasions that calls for you to stay your azz home. If you have an anklet monitor while awaiting trial, maybe its just not your time to party! Raise your hand if you would have opted out of clubbing because of your pending criminal case? LMAO

Officially the circus act of the day!

Author: Opinionated Mommy

Opinionated Mommy has a lot of sassy conjecture about the drama that surrounds us all. She dwells on topics that range from celebrity news, entertainment, parenting, politics, and personal experiences that drives the drama of our lives. Life is a damn circus and we are the circus acts!

11 thoughts on “It’s okay to stay your azz home!”

  1. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this. Ridiculousness, for real tho….I meeeaaaan! I can’t, I just can’t. Thanks for sharing. I’m in love with your blog!!! New follower! Xoxo — g


    1. I have been seeing so much nonsense that I truly believe this is a social issue. And the fact that she’s totally out of line while socializing with an ankle monitor. Lmao


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