JonBenet Ramsey: Why are Americans obsessed?

JonBenet Ramsey: why are americans obsessed

JonBenet Ramsey: Why are Americans obsessed?

Today CNN reported that the Grand Jury documents indicting the parents of JonBenet Ramsey have been released to the public. The gorgeous beauty queen was found dead in her home 14 years ago and no one was ever implicated in her murder. The parents were the prime suspects but there was no evidence linking them to the death of their daughter.

Racial Values

After 14 years, America continues its obsession with this particular child’s death, which is one among many. Why are Americans still concerned about such an old case when children in the present are suffering? Does it have anything to do with the value of children based on race and ethnicity?

There are many non-white children missing in the United States and never has their disappearance sparked such an outcry or media response. When an African Americanchild is missing, friends and family resort to posting the information on Facebook and other social media sites just to get the attention of mainstream media. A white child with blond hair and blue eyes gets immediate attention from the press because these little girls are highly valued by society as a whole. Are ethnically diverse little girls as valued as JonBenet?

Learn from JonBenet

The mysterious murder of JonBenet Ramsey was horrific and it consigned such anger in the hearts of Americans. She was a beautiful little princess that all of America wept for after her death and during the murder investigation. However, since this tragedy occurred, there have been other little girls missing and those who need justice here and now. Let JonBenet Ramsey rest in peace and honor her memory by ensuring the safety of all children despite their race or ethnicity.

Author: Opinionated Mommy

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