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sadistically me




This is a post from my fiction blog series Sadistically Me.

The thickness of the trees seemed to gravitate toward me as if purposely obstructing my path through Glendale’s private forest. My heart was pounding in my chest, and the hand held dagger, recently used, was slippery from the blood on the hilt. My breathing was labored and significantly decreased my speed. Damn it! Daniel was getting away.

Daniel was silent and quick in his desperate attempt to flee the inevitable. The only evidence of his presence was the movement of the long branches that were extremely sharp as they scraped the sides of my perfect face, recoiling from the momentum of his speed.

He thought he would get away! He thought he could continue running forever, but see, r!ch bitches value their solitude. He realized just that when his willy-foo-foo ass cleared the trees and approached the 14ft white concrete wall surrounding Glendale, home of the ever clandestine bourgeoisie.

Poor little Daniel, he looked so defeated, like helpless prey surrendering to his prowling predator. And I was indeed the predator that day. Sadism looked good on me; or as the rick people would say…uncouth.

Y’all, I looked fearless and was sexy as hell. Well, before I had to track this azzhole down like an animal in the damn wilderness. I can’t forget to mention the extraordinary samurai blade that magically appeared once I caught to Daniel. It was unusually strange because just a minute ago, I could swear I had a smaller blade. Anyhow, that wasn’t my concern, especially since samurai b!tch was a considerable promotion.

Daniel swung himself around after stopping in front of the wall and screamed, “ Chloe what the hell are you doing, and why the fck…?”

We weren’t there for no damn interrogation sh!t. Fck that! I blitzed his azz with the blade before he could finish his sentence. Like a little bitch he tried to run…INTO THE DAMN WALL …lmao. It was too pathetic to laugh, but I did anyway.

I halted, waiting for him to compose himself after running face first into a wall, that he knew was there btw. Lol! That had to be embarrassing, even if no one was around to see it, he should have killed himself for being humanly incompetent. “If you would have just treated me with some respect, I wouldn’t have to do this.” I raised the electrifying blade from my side, grappling the physiological high from the radiance of Daniel’s fear. The feeling was organic, even spiritual, as if the bladewere an extension of me.

“What, you killed my dog! You slit his throat while he took a sh!t you psycho bitch.” Daniel was at his wit’s end. He cried and screamed his words at me; it angered me that he was still talking about that damn dog again. It was the dog’s fault in the first place.

“Every morning I brush my hair making sure that every strand is in its rightful place. Every morning I lift my tongue and graze the sides with my razor blade as a dedication to my love for you, and you brush me off for a fukn dog? That’s why the bitch had to die, and now…so do you!”

I lunged forward to insert the blade into Daniel’s throat, but before there was contact, suddenly everything was just a blur…

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